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  • Chairman Speech

    Every profession has its secrets, and also every profession has its own traditions and customs .. Before you engage in the field of your profession, ideas are dreamy and milestones are rosy, and at the beginning of working life the milestones become clearer bit by bit, ideas are centered slowly, and the more steps on the path of the path become clearer. And you have a lot of its traditions and customs.

    And because our profession – without prejudice – is a pivotal profession in the history of mankind – the creation of mankind to demand that the earth be built – the secrets of the profession, its traditions and customs are old and solid .. Then you choose after that the field of consulting work with its paths and responsibilities .. Here the stage of searching for troubles begins – even if it is truly The key to excellence. In the field of designs .. You are required to balance between the limits of your ideas and the requirements and capabilities of the owner and the requirements of the organizers .. wearing contemporary dress and inspired by the spirit of history, and other things .. such as types of materials, prices of materials, methods of implementation ,..and …

    In the field of supervision, you are required to summon the conscience of the judge … and to decisively separate the requests of the owners, the contractor’s jurisprudence, and even design problems … Armed with the texts of contracts that may be tainted by ambiguity, shortcomings or even unruly, taking into account technical principles and understanding market mechanisms and others …

    And the areas of project management, technical support, training, evaluation, and arbitration … and other areas of consulting work. Each field has its obligations and responsibilities.

    Isn’t it a arduous profession ?! .. God appoints

    Eng. Majed