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    Architectural Design :

    Transforming and embodying the customer’s thought and imagination in what he dreams about in his facility and applying this thought by optimizing the use of spaces and spaces while ensuring the dynamism and ease of movement and linking all parts.

    Interior Design :

    The internal coordination of the spaces and the embodiment of the personality in the hands of a professional technician, which allows enjoyment and artistic comfort.

    Site Coordination:

    The art of organizing and planning external spaces to allow visibility to the spaces and reflect the beauty of the facility and its neighboring establishments.

    Electromechanical engineering

    Electrical Engineering :

    The work of electrical designs and internal circuits and the conservation of energy use and reduce costs while preserving the integrity of the facility.

    Fire and Security Systems:

    Studying the most appropriate ways to achieve maximum safety for the establishments and the people who use them, help in preventing the occurrence of danger, prompting the alert, and dealing with the danger.

    HVAC Engineering:

    Due to the weather conditions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we choose the best air-conditioning for the facility, taking into account the cost as well as the maintenance requirements.

    Civil engineering

    Concrete buildings:

    Transforming the architectural thought into concrete models, which ensures the preservation of the architectural lines of design and the achievement of safety, as well as saving in construction under the umbrella of general specifications and limits for structural design followed in the world and in accordance with the structural engineering requirements applied in the Kingdom.

    Steel buildings:

    The appropriate structural system is chosen for the facility according to the economic conditions of the project and the facility’s need and use.

    Services :

    According to the nature of the loads and the uses of the facility, structural designs are made, taking into account the savings and safety in the design and use of the facility.

    Projects management

    Supervision and follow-up:

    Follow up the implementation of the work by the supervising engineer to ensure the progress of work according to the engineering designs and technical specifications.

    Site management:

    Organize the workflow easily and easily and solve all problems before or during the start of the project, using a specific schedule that guarantees abundant effort and money during the implementation of the project.

    Safety engineering

    Designing the safety systems necessary for the establishment according to the nature of use and in accordance with the requirements of the civil defense, as well as the Saudi Building Code and the global requirements of NFPA to ensure the safety of the implemented facilities and their compliance with the safety and safety systems and required standards in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

    Services :

    Approving civil defense plans

    Issuing civil defense licenses

    Inspecting the implemented systems according to nature and preparing safety reports

    Some special tasks

    – The ability to design and prepare all plans (architectural, construction, and electromechanical) for all types of factories, in accordance with the requirements of the Saudi Organization for Industrial Estates and Technology Zones and the Saudi Code.

    Design, follow-up and supervision of industrial facilities, as we reviewed the designs and supervised the additional silos project in Jeddah, as well as the Ain Shams mills project in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

    Meet our team

    Eng. Ahmed Mohsen Atta

    Executive Vice President

    Eng. Ali Al Zeeb

    Operations Manager

    Eng. Mohamed Abd El-Rahman Shehata

    Safety Section Director

    Sir. Fares Al Zeeb

    HR & Administrative Work Director